Prompt The Word in Jamaica

Prompt The Word, Inc. was able to set up educational resources in two children’s homes in Jamaica thanks to a grant funded by Henkel Corporation. A variety of technology and software items, including iPad3s/printers/Boardmaker, as well as resources for the development of visual cues were provided for the Robin’s Nest and the City of Refuge. These two children’s homes are located in remote areas of the island, which makes it difficult to provide educational needs.

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DSM-5 changes to diagnosis of ASD

The American Psychiatric Association voted to accept the revised fifth edition of its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) and will be published in spring 2013.

The revision brings to the surface two fundamental changes in the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. First, it combinds previously distinct autism subtypes – including autistic disorder and Asperger syndrome – into one unifying diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Secondly, the current three symptom domains of social impairment, communication deficits and repetitive/restricted behaviors will become two – social communication impairment and repetitive/restricted behaviors.

The changes will need to closely be monitored to ensure those already diagnosed, and those waiting are not withheld from needed services.



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Speech-language Therapy

Developing a confident communicator is what speech-language therapy is about!

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Bring on the iPad!

The iPad3s  have arrived! I have come to the ultimate conclusion that every SLP must utilize an iPad in their practice. There is no other device that is more engaging. There is an App that can be used for every communicative disorder. It all starts will evaluation tools, therapy programs, and every SLPs dream… keeping. Place an iPad in the hands of a person of any age, gender, background and you open then up the world. PTW will put iPads in the hands of the underserved!

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Screening for Autism

In a study with national implications, researchers at Children’s Specialized Hospital in New Jersey found that in underserved communities using teachers to screen for autism in preschools and day care centers is more effective than the current system that relies solely on parents and pediatricians to identify the disorder.

The research, which could fundamentally change the way disadvantaged children are screened for autism, was presented at the International Meeting for Autism Research, or IMFAR, in Toronto.

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Welcome to Prompt The Word, Inc.

Welcome to Prompt The Word! We are excited to start serving the community and making a positive impact. Please navigate through the site and feel free to comment or introduce any discussion topic regarding communication impairments. I encourage you to follow the links to learn more About Us, and to see what Prompt The Word, Inc. can do for you or a loved one. It is truly a blessing to be given the opportunity to serve the needs within the community.

June 1, 2012- Summer is upon us! Please contact PTW for any communication needs. God bless

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